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What to Make, What to Make-Coarse Grain Mustard

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What to Make, What to Make-Coarse Grain Mustard

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Coarse Mustard on Punk Domestics

So mustard……what is there to say about mustard?  When I was a kid I only liked it on my “Detroit-style” coney dogs.  Imagine me eating a hot dog heaped with raw onions and messy, messy chili sauce and then a squeeze of the yellow stuff.  I never really gave it a second thought.  And then I started to get into cooking and starting making my own ketchup and BBQ sauce but still didn’t think about mustard. 

I wonder if mustard has a complex about this.  Does mustard stand in your fridge wondering what it can do so that you will open that frig door and pick it?  Do you think its dreaming at night (which is when the frig door is closed…of course) that all it needs to do is lose some of the bitterness and bite, or become lighter in calories to be picked ahead of the ketchup or Sriracha?  Who knows what is going through that flip top cap!!


Anyway, I wanted to try to make mustard for one of the food club events and started researching.  I started soaking and blending and couldn't get it right.  It was so bitter and gritty.  And then I finally read an article that said that the mustard had to sit and combine together and marinate.  Well that explained why it tasted like fresh horseradish mixed with some West Michigan sand!

So this recipe needs to sit and become smooth in taste for about three weeks.  I think that it’s completely the taste of the taster (get it??)….but if you taste it a week after mixing it might be too bitter.  Two weeks after mixing may be too hot for you and three weeks might be just right. It’s kinda like Goldilocks’ three bears.  One is too hot, one is too bitter and one is juuusssstttt right!  


I go more by the color of the mustard than the time frame.  It will develop this dark brownish golden color that tells me its ready to be eaten. 

Oh and a hint.  Don’t buy your mustard seeds or powder in the small spice containers in the spice aisle of your local supermarket.  Instead go to either an Indian or Asian grocery store if you have one. Or go to a bulk store.  You will get so much more for your $$$ and you won’t have to buy a hundred little jars. Notice I store mine in old, recycled glass ice tea containers.

This recipe is a two stepper. .

1.    You measure the seeds and mustard powder with water and then let it set overnight. 

This needs to soak overnight.

This needs to soak overnight.

2.  After that all you do is add the brown sugar, vinegar and salt and blend with an immersion blender or whatever you have.  I make sure I have already put the soaking seeds into a container large enough that will allow me to just blend.

I tripled the recipe and barely followed my own advice.  I JUUUUST had enough space to get the blender in there.

I tripled the recipe and barely followed my own advice.  I JUUUUST had enough space to get the blender in there.

Then you blend to the “look” or consistency you like.  I tend to like the yellow seeds to be blended and the brown ones to be mostly whole.  But it’s up to you. 

And then here comes the hard part.  YOU WAIT.  And you can taste test it every week or so.  After you like the taste start eating it on everything, burgers, salad dressing, you know what you like mustard on.  For me its hard boiled eggs now.  I never ate them before but I was introduced to them again and love them in the German style of eating them. 

This is how they do it in Düsseldorf Germany. First you peel the egg, cut in half and take the yolk out (putting aside for just a second).  

Nothing like mustard, hard boiled eggs and a beer for breakfast!

Nothing like mustard, hard boiled eggs and a beer for breakfast!

Then you put some malt vinegar into the space that the yolk was in.  Next you slather some mustard in the hole and replace the yolk gently.  

Sprinkle some salt and pepper and pop it into your mouth.  Delish!  

I hope you like the recipe and put in the comments below what you like to slather mustard on.